Glass Ranch Duck Hunting East Texas

The Glass Ranch is located about 15 miles north of Paris, Texas in Lamar County. Just a short drive from the metroplex. This area is historically known as some of the best wintering grounds for waterfowl in this part of the state.

The Glass Ranch consist of several large DU wetland areas that are managed specifically for waterfowl. Each morning ducks will flock to these wetlands in large numbers to feed. In addition to the wetlands the ranch also has several large lakes that support good amounts of puddle ducks and divers. There are also many smaller ponds and bottomland areas on the ranch that ducks will find throughout the season. This place is a waterfowl mecca that is a duck hunters dream!

You can rest assured that when you book a hunt at the Glass Ranch you will be hunting a spot that has not been shot out or over pressured. Each location is rested for several days before and after each hunt.

Our properties offer the very best situations and sites for hunting enthusiasts at all levels of experience. From layout blinds to custom built sled blinds, we have meticulously designed our hunting areas to offer you a memorable, successful hunting experience.