Just a note to say thanks for another great season! Who ever heard of a 17 man limit! What the hell are we in Argentina or hunting with Redleg Outfitters!
You know I have hunted now 44 seasons from Canada in the wheat to Iowa in the flooded corn to Arkansas in the timber and I can honestly say to all others: Call Bryan at Redleg Outfitters if you want a quality hunt! He is our go to guy! He might as well be yours!
However if you want Greenheads you have to invite him and the gang for Beef Tender and Lobster Tails that does the trick every time!

RJ Goreham

Class and Fun!! I’m 66, my son is 40, and my grandson is 14. Bryan and his guys are awesome, honest, and fun. We have hunted with other outfitters, and this young mam took care of me, and exposed my grandson to 3 different types
of duck hunting. We are booked for next year. We had a blast!!!

Tommy Maines Gladewater, TX

When my coworkers and I, from Skeeter Boats, go duck hunting, we book our hunts with Red Leg Outfitters. They run a safe, professional and fun hunt. We always have plenty of birds to shoot at and haven’t hunted the same field twice. Bryan, Shane, Heath and the other guides show you a good time and you feel like you are hunting with buddies instead of a just being a customer. Thank you, guys

Ken Ratley Kilgore, TX

I met Bryan several years ago at a Delta banquet and we swapped information after finding out that he ran a guide service in Paris.  For the last 3 years we’ve been hunting with Bryan and his guides Shane and Heath.  Our group has such a great time with the 3 of them that we are booking our next year’s trip before we ever leave the blind.  They have plenty of options as far as habitat and places to hunt.  They put us on the birds every trip.  His pricing is worth every penny and not unreasonable based on the fun and memories that we create each trip!  His hunts are kids and wives friendly.  We look forward to each one of our trips and strongly recommend if you’re looking for a great overall waterfowl hunt in North Texas that you give Bryan a call an book now!!!

Chris Berg The Woodlands, TX

“Bryan and the guys at Red Leg Outfitters run a first class operation all the way.  It was my first time using Red Leg, and I’m already on the calendar for next year.  We went on a two day hunt, and Bryan and the boys put us on the ducks early both days.  We took advantage of the accommodations Bryan offers as well, and were more than happy with the lodge he put us in.  Great hunting, with skilled and knowledgeable guides, made for a hell of a weekend.”

Reid Winger

My name is Wayne Lain. I have been a duck hunter my entire life. My first duck was a Storm Widgeon I killed in Flatonia, Texas with a Remington single shot 20 gauge shotgun, loaded with 7.5 shot. I remember every feather on that bird. That bird sparked a fire that I have not been able to extinguish for thirty eight duck seasons. I have hunted multiple states and as many counties in Texas as time has allowed. In some of those years I have been employed as a guide.

I live on the San Bernard Prairie west of Houston, Texas. We get our occasional mallard but for the most part we get coastal ducks. I had heard and seen pictures from Red Leg Outfitters in Paris, Texas. What I saw was a lot of Greenheads in the pictures. I signed my brother and I up for a hunt and off we went. What I found was exactly what I was looking for in a hunt. Bryan and his crew at Redlegs are down to earth; tell you how it is kind of people.

Our accommodations were very comfortable. We ate fried fish until I felt like I ruptured something. We sat around the campfire and lied to each other. The next morning we were up and in the blind. It is hard to know what to expect when you get to a blind in the dark. When daylight came I could see a beautiful picturesque north Texas backwoods scene. Before daylight we had ducks coming into the decoys. Flight after flight and they just kept coming.

I like shooting what I call “Feet down”. Ducks are coming in feet down, flipping upside down and hammering their way into the decoys. They wanted in that pond and were going to get in there no matter what. Man I had fun just watching that. We all agreed to wait for the greenheads and let the other ducks pass. That agreement lasted about one flight of ducks. My party couldn’t take ducks landing in the decoys and they just let her rip. We all killed limits both days. We killed a lot of Greenheads in spite of my trigger happy brother.

By the time we left I felt like I could call Bryan a friend of mine. Bryan is a good ole country boy with a greeting smile all the time. I have already signed up for next year and I am taking all the men in my family for a family reunion hunt. If you are looking for a real duck hunt I recommend you call Bryan at Redlegs. I am not affiliated with Bryan other than a very happy customer, a repeat customer. My telephone number is 713-530-9182. If you want to hear it in person then just call me.

Wayne L

I have been on several hunts with Red Leg Outfitters. We have shot numerous amounts of birds each and every time. All the hunts have been enjoyable,safe and professional. I would recommend Red Leg Outfitters for your next North Texas duck hunt.

Shane G

This being my first guided hunt I didn’t really know what to expect. We made the long drive from southeast Texas and arrived early Friday afternoon.

After getting settled I spoke with Bryan our guide which I had talked to about every other month throughout the year about conditions and what not.

Later that evening, Bryan met us at our hotel and then had dinner at a local restaurant and discussed the hunting plans for the next morning. All in all I can not say enough good things about the entire weekend and the feeling that I was hunting with another one of my closest buddies. A recommendation would be the very least I would give you to visit this truly amazing hunt.

Bryce G